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How much does Medicare cost?

Medicare Part A (hospital) typically does not have a premium cost associated with it because most people have contributed through their payroll tax during the course of their career.  If you or your spouse has worked less than 10 years (40 quarters) you may have a cost for Part A benefits.

Medicare Part B (physician) has a premium cost of $135.50 per month, however the cost can be higher if you have an income of over $85,000 for an individual, or $170,000 for a married couple.

Medicare C (private insurer) premium costs vary depending upon the plan you choose.

Medicare Part D (prescription) premium costs also vary depending upon the plan you choose. 

Important - Other costs:

There are costs for medical expenses, such as deductibles or copays for hospital stays or doctors’ visits, or coinsurance amounts (percentages) of medical expenses.  These additional costs may also apply to prescription benefits.

If you delay enrolling in Medicare, your premium costs may increase.

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